Why Do Men Look For Singapore Social Escorts?

Lots of men in Singapore look for social escorts from places like SG VIP. Why is that so? While the reason that every single man look for a Singapore escort will vary, there are some common reasons and here in this article we will attempt to explain it.

Just got single and do not want to get into a long term relationship anytime yet so they look for escorts

First of all, some of these men are freshly single, because of a break up, never got attached or got divorced. As a result, most of these men do not want to find another long term girlfriend anytime soon. However, they may still crave for a little companionship by a beautiful woman from time to time. As a result, some of these men look for Singaporean escorts.

Foreign businessmen in Singapore who want a professional companion – i.e. social escorts

Secondly, they are in Singapore for business purposes, and during their free time, want to look for a companion. As many of these businessmen travel by themselves, it can be lonely if they travel from country to country with only meetings with acquaintances. As a result, they look for professional companions – social escorts to keep them company and keep them happy and sane. This is in fact one of the biggest reasons why men look for escorts – as their companion.

Never want relationship commitment and so only does no strings attached relationships

There are some men who do not want commitment, whether by choice or by their work lifestyle. As a result, they turn to no strings attached options such as social escorts. Some of them also opt for sugar babies. Regardless, these are types of relationships and companionship on demand which are suitable for these men who are seeking a no strings attached relationship.

Some men are just socially awkward and do not do well with the ladies otherwise

Some men are just not great at dealing with the ladies. Sometimes it is the way they behave, sometimes it is the way they look. They often struggle with the girls, and so for an easier way out, they look for escorts! If they tried going to the clubs to get girls, they probably will fail. Why take that risk of time and money only to get disappointed? They simply look for a beautiful social escort and the job is done!

Some of these clients are a little older, and find it very difficult to date ‘normally’

Most clients who look for escorts in Singapore are middle aged. This is often the result of them working very hard and for very long hours at their careers when they are in their 20s and until mid 30s. As a result, they are only able to date seriously now. However, they are at an awkward age where their friends are attached and yet they are seen as a little ‘too old’ when trying to pick up girls both offline and online. In fact, many Singaporean girls will not even bother replying to these men in their late 30s and 40s simply because they think these men are already attached or married when many are not! As a result, these men look for social escorts in Singapore.

Dating Woes By Singles In Singapore

According to a recent government study as reported by The Straits Times, while many singles in Singapore claim they want to get hitched and get married, many of them face dating problems. Here are some of them.

60% of Singaporean singles are not dating with marriage in mind

Many Singaporeans are still dating. However, more than half of these people are apparently dating casually, and not with the intention of marriage eventually! This is actually a common problem among people living in urban cities such as Singapore. In fact, that is one of the biggest problems that women in Singapore face. Many men are just dating for fun, or at least, with no intention of marriage.

To put this into perspective, just imagine that you can walk along Orchard Road and look at ten different couples. You can randomly point at a couple and guess that they will not get married, and you will probably be right most of the times.

Many Singaporean singles are apparently just unable to find a partner

While many singles in Singapore actually put in effort to look for a partner, they are just unable to. There can be various reasons for this.

First of all, it could be simply that their expectations are too high. While having high expectations is reasonable, one has to be seen as of exceptional quality as well in the eyes of the opposite gender for it to work out easily. Unfortunately, not everyone is realistic with their expectations, when it comes to matching with their own qualities.

Shrinking social circles as people get older

As a schooling kid or adult in Singapore, you probably knew hundreds of people, and knew at least 20 to 50 people on a relatively close level. However, as you become a working adult, chances are, your colleagues are the only ones you talk to on a daily or weekly basis, and you rarely meet other people anymore. It gets quite difficult to have the time, mental effort and energy to arrange for meet ups with people outside of your work circle. Add on to the fact that there will be fewer singles in your circle as you grow older, it will get harder and harder to get married or even attached!