How To Get A Girlfriend Easily In Singapore By Being Unique!

If you are a guy in Singapore, and want to know how you can easily get a girlfriend in Singapore, the answer is to be different. The most important thing to help you stand out more than simply trying to be attractive, is to be different. An average girl in Singapore gets flirted with multiple times a week, and a hot one many times a day! The most important thing for you to get a hot girlfriend easily in Singapore is to make sure she even remembers you!

Here are some tips to help you be more unique, stand out so that you actually stand a chance at getting a hot Singaporean girlfriend.

First of all, you should definitely suggest fun dates. Most people once they know a girl, they will attempt to suggest a movie and/or a dinner date. While that is a safe idea, remember – safe ideas do not get you a hot girlfriend. They have lots of other guys pitching her date ideas all the time. What makes you think that she will not just lump you into the ‘just another guy’ category? Instead, you could even suggest stuff like fun sports dates┬áto her! Be unique in your date suggestions to her. Do not appear to come up with ideas that every other typical Singaporean guy will.

Second of all, a hot girl will have tons of well dressed guys, poorly dressed guys, and all sorts of guys approaching her all the time. This means that for you to even stand a chance, you need to at least dress presentably. The reason for this is because a truly hot Singaporean girl will have so many choices, her main consideration is to reject guys more than anything else. Girls compartmentalize guys into the ‘potential boyfriend’ and ‘friend zone’ categories. You do not need to be number one on her mind now, you just need to be lumped into the ‘potential boyfriend’ category in her mind!

Third of all, while this advice may sound ridiculous, it is important for you to treat her like how the smooth guys in the movies treat her. You may think stuff like, “But why would I want to do that? She should like me however I treat her!” My immediate question to you will be, “Then why do you expect a hot girl to be instantly attracted to you like those in movies do to the main lead?” If you want the dream girl to fall in love with you, your most important realization should be that you should also constantly work towards being the dream guy! In fact, the easiest way to get the ‘perfect’ girlfriend is to make sure that you are constantly working towards being the ‘perfect’ boyfriend! Simple but works!

How To Find A Sugar Baby Or A Singaporean Escort?

Here are some tips for you to help you find a sugar baby or perhaps a Singaporean escort in Singapore.

If you are not sure whether you should look for a sugar baby or escort, then you should read this other post first. Otherwise continue reading.

First of all, they are found online only. While you could randomly walk up to a girl and ask if she is willing to be your sugar baby, we recommend you not do that in Singapore as the culture here in Singapore is much more conservative, and such a question will likely get you into unnecessary trouble. There are sugar dating websites which you should use instead. However, escorts in Singapore are found exclusively online on the Internet only.



Where are these websites where you can find them?

You can look for sugar babies on sugar dating arrangement sites like Seeking, TheSugarBook and more. Seeking is definitely by far the largest sugar dating site in Singapore in terms of active users, so you can definitely use them. It is also far cheaper than The Sugar Book to use.

If you want to look for escorts, you can simply do a quick Google search for ‘Singapore escort’ and you will be able to quickly pull up lots of results of classified ads, directories as well as agency sites. Here are some word of cautions:

  • If you want to use classified ad sites, look only for Singaporeans working and putting their details on there. The reason for this is because foreigners are not allowed to work in Singapore, and the locals and the local government takes a very harsh view of illegal aliens.
  • If you want to use escort agencies, make sure that they have a business registration number. This is usually a 9 to 10 digit number, which most legitimate escort agencies will have listed on their own websites. If they do not list such a number, RUN FROM THEM.

What do you do after you have found these websites?

For sugar dating websites:

  • You are required to put basic details of yourself on the website.
  • You will be liaising with these girls individually, and then chat them up.
  • It works exactly like applications like Tinder, just that usually on these websites, the girls are way more responsive because they want the money.

For escort agencies:

  • You simply contact the agent for a booking. Very often, they may require some basic details from you to process your booking if you are a first timer.
  • Most of them list photographs and details on their own website already, so you are recommended to look through the price and photo list first before contacting, so that you can save your own time when booking, and you can meet the girl quicker.
  • They will then check the availability for you for the social escort, and then send the girl to your location once the other things are ironed out.