Dating Woes By Singles In Singapore

According to a recent government study as reported by The Straits Times, while many singles in Singapore claim they want to get hitched and get married, many of them face dating problems. Here are some of them.

60% of Singaporean singles are not dating with marriage in mind

Many Singaporeans are still dating. However, more than half of these people are apparently dating casually, and not with the intention of marriage eventually! This is actually a common problem among people living in urban cities such as Singapore. In fact, that is one of the biggest problems that women in Singapore face. Many men are just dating for fun, or at least, with no intention of marriage.

To put this into perspective, just imagine that you can walk along Orchard Road and look at ten different couples. You can randomly point at a couple and guess that they will not get married, and you will probably be right most of the times.

Many Singaporean singles are apparently just unable to find a partner

While many singles in Singapore actually put in effort to look for a partner, they are just unable to. There can be various reasons for this.

First of all, it could be simply that their expectations are too high. While having high expectations is reasonable, one has to be seen as of exceptional quality as well in the eyes of the opposite gender for it to work out easily. Unfortunately, not everyone is realistic with their expectations, when it comes to matching with their own qualities.

Shrinking social circles as people get older

As a schooling kid or adult in Singapore, you probably knew hundreds of people, and knew at least 20 to 50 people on a relatively close level. However, as you become a working adult, chances are, your colleagues are the only ones you talk to on a daily or weekly basis, and you rarely meet other people anymore. It gets quite difficult to have the time, mental effort and energy to arrange for meet ups with people outside of your work circle. Add on to the fact that there will be fewer singles in your circle as you grow older, it will get harder and harder to get married or even attached!

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How To Find A Social Escort Using Real Photos In Singapore

It can be frustrating to arrive in Singapore, and realize that not many places and websites actually provide you with real photos. Here are some easy ways for you to only get genuine pictures of social escorts in Singapore.

Approach a Singapore escort agency

Firstly, you could try approaching a local Singapore escort agency e.g. instead of approaching independents. One of the reasons why I usually recommend going for social escort agencies if you are in Singapore for the first time is that they are more dependable and trustworthy on the whole. Social escort agencies in Singapore function basically like a middleman, where they will vet the quality of the girls and arrange appointments for you. However, here is a fair disclaimer. Not every agency in Singapore is equally good, you may want to find out a genuine, established, reputable agency then stick to them.

Look at independent girls’ own websites

Secondly, you could look at independent escorts’ own websites. While most independents and freelance girls in Singapore simply list their numbers and ‘photos’ on classified ad sites, only a rare few bother to set up their own website. These are almost always genuine pictures of the actual escort you will be meeting if you so pick them. In Singapore, there are a few famous independent escorts – namely Risque Rebecca and Courtesan Cara.

Although I really wished that there were more ways of meeting a legitimate escort in Singapore, there really are not that many ways. At first glance, there are tons of websites available online through Google, or a directory search. However, the reality is that only a few of them are truly trusted.

Some special notes you may want to know about Singapore

You can easily do a reverse Google image search for the photographs on the website or sent to you by the agency or the escort herself. Make sure that it is not a stolen image of some famous celebrity or model.

Another side note is that if the girl or agent claims that the escort is a local Singaporean, and they do not show you censored faces, but show you fully exposed images instead, there is a ridiculously high chance that they are fake photographs. Singaporean girls always use censored photographs.

However, if you are looking for a foreign escort in Singapore, then this rule does not always apply.

If any one else knows where are some trusted sources for Singapore, then make sure to leave a comment below so I can share with the world as well!

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How To Pick The Right Escort Agency In Singapore To Work At?

Thinking of working as a social escort in Singapore? Great! Here is some advice for you if you are looking for a legitimate escort job in Singapore to earn your income from legally!

Are they legally registered?

Simply check their business registration number against A legitimate agency will have their business registered.

Are they operating?

There are actually lots of expired classified ads belonging to defunct agencies. Some may also not be hiring anymore. Simply contact them to find out.

Can you find instances of them being mentioned positively on the internet other than their own website(s)?

The purpose of doing this check is to make sure that they are an established agency. You do not want to work with a website which claims to provide you with lots of jobs and gigs, only to have them shut down or shutter business after a few weeks.

That is a complete waste of your time. Additionally, your income stream will disappear overnight, no matter how low or high it was, because they were busted, went bankrupt or simply decided to close shop.

Will they protect your privacy?

Many Singaporean girls are paranoid about their privacy, and this is perfectly normal. Singaporeans are generally conservative, and social escort work is sometimes seen as taboo! Therefore, you may not want your privacy leaked and want a legitimate company to protect you.

Ways to check

Here are some ways to check if the agency you intend to join will protect your privacy.

  • Do not look at what they say. Most of them have a website. Check out their website. Do they protect their existing escorts’ privacy by censoring? Or are they showing the faces and all? Do not trust what a company says, trust what a company does.
  • If they do not have a website, then you need to be extra wary. Clients pick social escorts visually most of the time. If they say they do not have a website, there are usually two possibilities. First of all, it could be that they have a website however wish to keep their own identity secret (mostly because they are an unregistered business) and wish minimal points of contact so do not tell you what they do on that website. Second of all, they really depend on sending photos purely through messaging (usually this means they are a relatively small business since you can’t really reach anyone nowadays without a website presence).

Are they publicly sharing their contact number?

While not guaranteed, there are lots of underground, illegal and unregistered businesses operating two different phone numbers – one to hire you, the other to contact clients, so as to reduce the chances of Singapore Police Force detecting their activities. That is usually a red flag if they do not list a number for you to contact, and/or if that number is different from whatever they list on their website! Look out for this as you do not want your income stream to be gone all of a sudden if you join an illegal business! Think long term.