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Getting Singapore PR Application Approved – What Is True?

There is so much contradicting advice when it comes to getting your Singapore PR status approved. If you are confused by the vast amount of such information and details online, then here is the low-down and truth about the Singapore permanent residency PR application.

Most advice you can find online are by either immigration agencies which tell you how you absolutely need to use an agency, or forum posters who are saying literally every supporting document is useless in Singapore PR application. How can either be true?

If supporting documents, explanatory notes and more did not work at all, then why would immigration consultants still be in business? Clearly, it works.

If applying by yourself and trying to get a Singapore PR is impossible without external help, how do those who did it successfully do it then?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and let us break that down in this article.

  • There are criteria that the ICA will look at, which is not published. These are basically standards and qualifications within the document you submit. This set of information is not publicly revealed, and is often revised depending on the current situation of Singapore, and how ICA wishes to control the growth in population. While no one will know with 100 per cent certainty the criteria, experienced and reputable immigration agencies may be able to know and figure out correlations based on the applicants who succeed.
  • If you are reading about users on online Internet forums saying how easy it was to apply for and become a permanent resident in Singapore, make sure only to potentially ask advice from those who got their status approved by ICA after the years 2008 to 2010. This is because the quota of new PR given out yearly was significantly higher before those years, and taking advice from those who got a permanent residency then for an application today may not be as applicable. It is akin to asking those who got an A in their elementary school to teach you how to get an A in university!
  • There are immigration consultancies which are ethical, and there are those which are unethical. If you plan on using one to save your time, feel free to go ahead, as a good PR application agency will be able to take care of your document submission and matters easily without any of your worries. However, you can check with these agencies, and if most of them reject your business immediately, it is possible that it is because you may stand a low chance of becoming a permanent resident due to your qualifications, identity details and more.