May 25, 2019

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Balboa Art Conservation Center

The Balboa Art Conservation Center (BACC) was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1975 by the San Diego Museum of Art and the Timken Museum of Art to meet the art preservation and restoration needs of a growing number of cultural, educational and research institutions in the western region. By sharing the up-to-date facilities and highly trained staff at BACC, member and non-member institutions and private collectors alike have access to a broad range of high quality conservation services at an economical cost.

Thanks to support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, BACC also provides a variety of subsidized consultation, survey and training services to small and mid-sized institutions in the West—California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington—through our Field Service Office.

Membership in BACC allows museums an affordable method of maintaining the same caliber of sophisticated and quality conservation programs that are typical of the nation's largest and best-endowed institutions. That means more of the objects entrusted to the care of our region's museums can be preserved and protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

Treatment Services

The services of BACC are based on a long-term view of conservation and collection care. Treatment Services include the conservation of: paintings, works on paper and documents, photographic materials, frames, and polychromed sculpture. BACC staff also provide: surveys, consultations, and emergency assistance.

Balboa Art Conservation Center
P.O. Box 3755
San Diego, CA 92163-1755
Tel: 619-236-9702
Fax: 619-236-0141
Contact: Janet Ruggles, Director
Paintings, Paper, Photography, Analytical, Frames, Polychromed Sculpture

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Balboa Art Conservation Center

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