June 16, 2019


The members of the Regional Alliance for Preservation offer a wide range of services including those services listed below. Please click on the following headings to learn which institutions offer these services.

For information about disaster assistance, site surveys and assessments, consultation services, education and training, and technical information, please contact a RAP member organization in your region.

Archeological Conservation
Book Conservation
Contemporary Art
Balboa Art Conservation Center
Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts
The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center
Intermuseum Conservation Association
Midwest Art Conservation Center
National Park Service, Division of Conservation
Northeast Document Conservation Center
Peebles Island Resource Center
Straus Center for Conservation
The Textile Conservation Workshop
Williamstown Art Conservation Center

Digital Imaging/Photoduplication
Frame Conservation
Furniture Conservation
Matting and Framing
Object/Sculpture Conservation
Painting Conservation
Paper Conservation
Photograph Conservation
Textile Conservation

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Compensating for loss of media on a crayon portrait, National Park Service, Division of Conservation

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